MOR Cabinets has been in the business of building custom commercial cabinets for over 30 years.

We are recognized in the Southern California area as one of the leading commercial cabinet manufacturers. We count some of the largest companies in
the state as our best clients. Located in Riverside, California, our shop is over 15,000 square feet and equipped with some the finest tools and machinery
that allow our craftsmen to turn out some of the finest pieces in the industry. We work closely with top corporate designers that expect extremely close tolerances and workmanship for their office facilities, and MOR Cabinets meets and exceeds their expectations over and over.

At MOR Cabinets, we work with your design team to build, install, and maintain exact custom-built cabinets, office furniture to include: reception counters, conference tables, secretarial stations, countertops, work areas, storage areas and media libraries.

MOR Cabinets uses the finest woods, styles, and office-use functionality that are a must-have in today's business environments. Every detail is reviewed and
an ultimate design is fit to your employee's way that they work and perform their office tasks. Don't know where to start? Let the MOR Cabinets representative meet with your management team to work out all the details. By staying on top of the latest in office furniture needs, MOR Cabinets will build your custom cabinets and other furniture to fit both need and budget.

Call our experienced MOR Cabinets design representative today or fill out the form on the Contact Us page of this site so that we can get started working together today!

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